??????? ????????The history of the "iz Bandy Chernyh" kennel begins in 2006.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the owner of the "Grigus" kennel Galina Korobkova for the high-quality dogs that became the founders of our kennel.
On the ring and in life riesenschnauzers with the "Grigus" prefix were always characterized by magnificent exterior, excellent psyche and perfect health.

In spite of their youth these dogs have won the titles of the "Young Champion of Russia", "Champion of Russia" and "Candidate Champion of the Club".

As the head of the kennel I hope that experience we have gained and cooperation with our colleagues and associates from different countries will help us in our future work and will multiply our achievements.

None of the kennels that are breeding guard dogs can go without professional trainers. We say thanks and best wishes to Evgeny Grigoriev and Larisa Ivanovskaya for their professionalism and hard work with our riesenschnauzers on the training ground.

A special thanks goes to all the dog owners of our kennel for their support, friendly team and devoted love to the best breed of dogs in the world we believe!

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