One of the directions in which our branch carries on persistent work is sustaining and developing working qualities of our pets. The main criterion for selecting a stud dog is not his certificate of training but the perfect working capabilities that he demonstrates.

All of our dogs, starting from the age of 7 months, go through the international IPO training course and by the age of 18 months successfully accomplish it.

Due to this fact the future owner of the puppy with the prefix "BANDA CHERNIH" added to his name is guaranteed to get a dog, having a stable nervous system and genetically developed working qualities.

Very often after mastering the IPO, the "griguses" are taken by their owners, who see the potential for fast learning in their pets, further to the "Russian Ring" - a more advanced level of training.

The Giant Schnauzer (das Riesenschnauzer) is not just a dog nice to look at but also a perfect working breed.


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